JANE in de bioscopen en shortlisted voor een Oscar!

JANE in de bioscopen en shortlisted voor een Oscar!
8 december 2017 Linda van Hage

JANE in diverse theaters en bioscopen in Nederland

JANE zal vanaf 28 december bijna dagelijks te zien zijn in verschillende filmhuizen in Nederland. En op donderdag 7 december werd bekend dat JANE zelfs op de short list staat voor een Oscar.

JANE, de nieuwe National Geographic documentaire over Dr. Jane Goodall ging in première tijdens IDFA op zondag 19 november in Koninklijk Theater Carré.

Het nooit eerder vertoonde archiefmateriaal van een nog jonge Jane Goodall geeft een adembenemend beeld van hoe baanbrekend – en gevaarlijk – haar veldonderzoek naar chimpansees in de jaren zestig was. Deze periode in Tanzania blijkt bepalend voor de rest van haar leven.

Jane: “Brett Morgan heeft een film gemaakt die me op een manier heeft geraakt die geen van de andere documentaires van toen hebben gedaan.”

Lees hier de review over JANE

Vanaf 28 december te zien in de volgende theaters:

Amsterdam – Cinecenter
Amsterdam – Rialto
Amsterdam – De Balie
Amsterdam – De Filmhallen
Amsterdam – The Movies

Arnhem – Focus

Breda – Chasse

Den Bosch – Verkadefabriek

Den Haag – Filmhuis

Deventer – De Keizer

Dordrecht – The Movies

Eindhoven – Plaza Futura

Enkhuizen – Cinema

Enschede – Concordia

Groningen – FORUM

Haarlem – Filmschuur

Hoorn – Cinema Oostereiland

Leeuwarden – Sliekerfilm

Maastricht – Lumiere

Nijmegen – LUX

Rotterdam – KINO
Rotterdam – LantarenVenster

Utrecht – Hoogt
Utrecht – LHC

Zwolle – Fraterhuis

Later ook te zien in:

Amsterdam – LAB111 [ 2 januari ]

Apeldoorn – Gigant [ Week 18 en 25 januari ]

Gouda – Cinema Gouda [ 12, 19 en 26 januari ]

Hilversum – Filmtheater [ Vanaf 4 januari ]

Venlo – De Nieuwe Scene [ Week 1 ]


Film van Brett Morgen – Verenigde staten 2017 Duurt 90 minuten


Dit vindt Jane Goodall zelf van de documentaire

When I watch it, it takes me back to those early days so that I feel part of it again.  All those chimpanzees that I knew so well.  The way Brett and his team tackled the editing of those unmarked cans of 16 mm film, not in any sequence, not numbered, not dated, is a story in itself.  The editing room was lined with photos of all the chimpanzees, so that they could pick out shots of the special characters they chose to highlight – David Greybeard, Goliath, Mr. MacGregor, Flo and Fifi and Flint.  Of course, I could recognize the others too – Mr. Worzle with his white sclerotic giving his eyes such a human look, and Leakey, and Fifi’s older brother Figan who is with his mother in so many of the shots.

Phillip Glass’s moving and sometimes dramatic orchestral score binds the various episodes together, adding considerable value to the film.

And I want to draw attention to another aspect of the film that is mostly overlooked – the sounds of Gombe, of the chimpanzees themselves, the birds and the insects. These sounds were recorded by Bernie Kraus*, a musician and soundscape ecologist (a term which he helped to define) when he spent one month in Gombe in August of 1990 together with a brilliant Harvard primatologist, Ruth Happel. In the cinema these sounds are all around you and for me,  hearing the bubbling call of a coucal and the shrilling of cicadas, was nostalgic.  I hope people will pay attention to these sounds of nature for they most definitely add to the immersive experience that Brett was striving for – and which he certainly achieved.

Shepherding Jane through all the stages of its creation was producer Bryan Burk.   A huge responsibility, making sure that everything went smoothly throughout the production and marketing process – which meant, of course, constant vigilance, troubleshooting quickly when things occasionally and inevitably started to go wrong.   And when I was pressured into attending screenings of the movie, and press conferences in Los Angeles and New York, it was “Burky”, almost always in the background, who helped me to get through a number of insanely hectic days in Los Angeles and New York.


Meer over Bernie

*In October I was in San Franciso at the time of the shocking wildfires when so many people lost their homes and some people and very many animals lost their lives.  When I heard that Bernie had lost the house where he had lived for many years I called him up – and he told me the fire had arrived so suddenly that he and his wife, Katherine (Kat), had escaped with literally nothing but the clothes that they happened to be wearing and their lives.

Bernie lost all his equipment, his beloved guitar, his books – everything. I just received an email from him saying he had been back to the ruins and found that new green grass was showing through the blackened ground, after a sprinkling of rain, and there were even buds appearing on some of the burnt trees.

Bernie founded Wild Sanctuary in 1968, an organization dedicated to the recording and archiving of natural soundscapes. He has travelled around the world to record the sounds of nature which, in so many places, are already less rich than they were when I first went to Gombe in 1960.  If you are interested in his brilliant work, one fascinating website is

www.legrandorchestredesanimaux.com/  And there is much more about his work on the internet.

Krause and his wife, Katherine, live in Glen Ellen, California.
Bernard L. “Bernie” Krause (born December 8, 1938)

The Krauses’ home, with his archives, equipment, and all of their personal possessions were destroyed in a wildfire on 11 October 2017.[17] His audio recordings, though, were backed up off-site.[17]


JANE staat op de short list voor een Oscar!

De recente documentaire van de National Geographic, “JANE”, heeft alleen maar goede recensies gekregen – er is nog geen enkele slechte recensie geweest. En voor degenen die het begrijpen, de film scoorde een beoordeling van 100% op Rotten Tomatoes (dit komt bijna nooit voor met een documentaire). Brett Morgan werkte met 140 uur ongemerkte 16 mm-film geschoten door Hugo (Jane haar eerste echtgenoot) in de jaren zestig.

Bekijk hier de officiele trailer


De Short list

De Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences kondigde donderdag de 15 films in de categorie documentaire aan welke voorrang krijgen bij het stemmen voor de 90ste Academy Awards

Maar liefst 170 films werden ingediend voor de categorie.

De shortlist werd bepaald door de documentaire tak van de Academie. Leden van de documententak zullen de de vijf genomineerden uit de 15 titels selecteren.

Deze 15 films werden genomineerd:

– Abacus: Small Enough to Jail, Mitten Media, Motto Pictures, Kartemquin Educational Films and GBH/FRONTLINE
– Chasing Coral, Exposure Labs in partnership with The Ocean Agency & View Into the Blue in association with Argent Pictures & The Kendeda Fund
– City of Ghosts, Our Time Projects and Jigsaw Productions
– Ex Libris – The New York Public Library, Ex Libris Films
– Faces Places, Ciné Tamaris
– Human Flow, Participant Media and AC Films
– Icarus, Netflix Documentary in association with Impact Partners, Diamond Docs, Chicago Media Project and Alex Productions
– An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, Paramount Pictures and Participant Media
– Jane, National Geographic Studios in association with Public Road Productions
– LA 92, Lightbox
– Last Men in Aleppo, Larm Film
– Long Strange Trip, Double E Pictures, AOMA Sunshine Films and Sikelia
– One of Us, Loki Films
– Strong Island, Yanceville Films and Louverture Films
– Unrest, Shella Films and Little by Little Films

Bron: Hollywoodreporter

Jane Poster

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